About Us


We are a family of five from Calgary … well six or more when counting extra-special Andrea and her mom Marta and dad Andres who also with us from the pueblo of Mayapán.

In the summer of 2014 we moved our family to Merida to serve the people of Yucatán, to love the abandoned, and to show the love of Christ through our words and actions. We started Mission Yucatán in 2017 with the desire to continue to serve the local church, ministries and partners with whom we have fallen in love. Our children serve alongside us and our life adventures are far from ordinary.  Our family blog is a way that we can share a bit of the ride with family and friends. Thanks for coming along and sharing our story.

You can reach us at darcy@missionyucatan.com or kary@missionyucatan.com or call 999-335-0645 (local) or 403-247-2145 (Canada/US).





3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am looking forward to following your Blog and your journey. I leave for Merida in a few days. It is a beautiful city with beautiful people.


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