Precious Cargo

It is devastating to see so much destruction over the past few months due to a rolling wave of natural disasters. The un-relentless forest fires in Canada, the onslaught of hurricanes in the US, the massive earthquake offshore Mexico have caused much pain and sorrow in their wakes. Seeing looting occurring in small Caribbean islands is heart-breaking. Reading stories of muck-out teams in Houston is heart-warming. The intersection of natural forces with human forces, some for good and others for bad, causes a natural barrage of questions to a power above : why this God?

I now have roots in three countries affected by recent events. I was born outside of Miami, spent my early career years in Houston, and lived our first years of marriage and child raising in Calgary.

A storm chaser I am not, though I profess the geophysicist in me is bizarrely fascinated by these natural occurrences that appear to be examples of the earth trying to blow off some stress and strain.

How fragile we are.  The one and only human race, no match to the massive forces of this planet we call home.  What irony that we are living in a place so hostile and yet so hospitable at the same time.

Is there not something special about this planet? Do you see the aspects of its design, its forces, its strength, its grandeur and its danger to our own human kind?

These recent events cause me to think that this world is in fact just a temporary abode, a pressure cooker of natural forces in close proximity to humanity, God’s precious cargo in its temporary hold, on a life journey of great importance.


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