Miracle of Mole

I have several friends with a knack for cooking who have taken their skill to a semi-professional level. These ladies experiment with recipes from habanero salsas to French quiches to gourmet Mexican specialities like Chiles en Nogada, one of my favorites.  One of my friends has been running a small catering business out of her home kitchen and recently announced that she will be opening a store at the small plaza at the entrance to our neighborhood.  I congratulated her and upon listening to her desire to connect with and sell locally-made, home-cooked gourmet items, I thought of my other friend and her mole.

I casually stopped by her house to drop the idea of my friend’s business plan and see if it would stick.  I thought of it as a rather simple effort : simply introduce friend A to friend B, explain business model of friend A, compliment friend B on her mole (she makes great mole) and hope for the best for the two.

Something different happened.  The tears that rolled down her face said it all. In a blurred mix of Spanish and English she poured out her gratitude for the idea, for the prospective avenue for her mole, and for what she said was a clear answer to prayer.  Without divulging the private details of her story, I will share that the news came as more than an ordinary intersection of A meets B.

My view is that every day miracles are happening all around us. I attribute miracles to the hand of God in our lives. Of course you are entitled to your own view on that. Might we stop, taste the mole and consider from whence these things cometh?