Dia de Gracias

On a day where we give thanks to God for our many blessings, I offer thanks for a special moment of motherly pride. One of our own, previously known by monikers such as ‘fire pants’, ‘fugitiva’, ‘goofball’ and ‘tourista Mexicana’ now proudly wears the badge of ‘pavo’.

That means turkey.

Que verdad, our dear little one was handpicked out of a sea of thousands (maybe 65) of qualified and capable acting candidates (preschoolers) to be the Primaria school turkey in this morning’s Thanksgiving (Dia de Gracias) performance.

There is nothing like watching your daughter do a gyrating, neck-popping turkey dance in front of the entire student body of thousands (maybe 65). I might add that she performed independientemente, in other words, no pilgrims, other food groups or condiments sharing the stage. Pretty brave for a little girl who only 3 months ago wanted to tear the shirt off of Kary’s back and flush it down the toilet lest he leave her alone in the classroom.

Orgulloso Mama Momento. Happy Dia de Gracias a todos. Gracias a Dios por todos.IMG_9923

The Ant and the Pigeon

Rachel’s Espanol homework tonight required some thoughtful reading and discussion about this passage:

Una hormiga sedienta bajaba a la fuente iba desfalleciendo y cayo agua y cuando una ola ya se la llevaba y la queria ahogar, una paloma que estaba por ahi sobre un arbol cuando vio que la hormiga ya se queria ahogar quebro una ramita y la trio al agua al verla la hormiga, se puso en cuclilas sobre ella y asi salio del agua. No mucho despues aparecio un pajarero , que al ver la paloma sobre el arbol, empezo a alistar sus canas para cazarla, cuando la hormiga vio que estaba aquella a punto de caer , mordido en un pie al pajarero; este se espanto y dejo ahi la canas, al ver la paloma como caian y se …

Tell me what you would do if this is what you had to work with for google translation:

A thirsty ant down to the fountain was fainting and fell water as a wave and took her and wanted to drown, a pigeon that was out there on a tree when he saw the ant already wanted to drown went bankrupt a twig and Trio at water to see the ant, cuclilas stood over her and so left the water. Not much later a birder, that seeing the dove on the tree, began to enlist his gray hair to hunt, when the ant saw that it was about to fall, bitten on one foot to pajarero; This is horror and let the gray hair there, seeing the dove were falling and …

The first question to answer was “have you ever been in a place like the Ant or the Pigeon” to which Rachel replied, “are you serious? I have NO idea what you are talking about.”


Run for the Border operative complete

It’s official, Jacqueline is no longer a fugitive, she is now a tourista Mexicana.

The run for the border operative is now complete and we have been granted the privilege to tell about it. Well, maybe not the whole story. We have been sworn to secrecy on certain aspects (cough). If things had become more tense we would have asked her to sing Let It Go in spanglish which comes out as Libre Sol (free the sun). I’m pretty sure that would have worked.

Suffice to say, border relations between Belize and Mexico are in good stead and the government is doing a fine job of protecting the interests of the general public. Congratulations to my Uncle Warry (hombre muy intelligente) for guessing the correct location of said operative, right down to the nombre of the river that we crossed on foot, the Rio Hondo. I dared not reveal his correctness in advance of the planned operative (thus went to radio silence) lest our plans be revealed and thwarted by opposing forces.

There were vaqueros and caballos, coconuts, machetes and mangroves involved, at least in part of the operative.

Perhaps I will leave the Paul Harvey to Kary for another day.

Welcome home Jacqueline. We are glad you are here with us, at least for the next 180 days.