The Road Ahead


It has been over a year in the planning for our adventure to Mexico.  Like everyone else in our household I am excited about what lies before us….Helping and serving others, growing in my own faith, teaching our kids, learning and adapting to the Mexican culture, eating authentic Mexican food,  learning to kitesurf, testing the local population’s interpretation abilities with my aweful Spanish (In all honesty I have come a long way and after several lessons in Rosetta stone and with a Spanish tutor I can now say dog, cow, yellow, Monday and nice to meet you).

There are still many things to do in the next few months including Rabies and Hepatitis vaccinations, getting Visa’s at the Mexican consulate, obtaining health care and the proper insurance, renting our home, figuring out where to send our mail, buying a cargo trailer, selling our car, and figuring out what to do with the stuff in our home we have accumulated over the years (including a 9 foot long swordfish).

The first part of our voyage begins with a 10 day drive with Darcy and my bud Ian south across the USA and Mexico.  I am honestly excited about the 6000km journey.  Stops in Yellowstone park, San Antonio, and San Luis Potosi should help add a little culture to the drive…..I have also joked with Darcy that Ian is the perfect travelling companion because he likes to talk as much as she does….They can chat, chat away and I can listen and enjoy the view….Everyone should be happy.