Jacqueline’s first post



Q : What do you want to do in Mexico?

A : I want to have a bicycle.  I want to do skating and I want to do fishing by myself and I want to have my own ball and I want to have my own pretty hat with a flower and I want a trailer and a motorcycle.  I like to have a pretend phone.

Q : How can you help and love the Mexican People?

A :  We kiss and hug.  No fighting and biting.

Q :  What is the first thing you want to do when you get to Merida?

A :  I want to have a pretend phone to do numbers to do. And I want to pretend to have a pretend “puter”.

Q : Can you speak Spanish?

A :  Hola.  La Misa.

Q : Will you make friends in Mexico and if so how many friends?

A : I will make them be happy and I like to make numbers to do to them and to give them some from crafts.

Ryan’s Story Called Going On Lots of Trips

Once there was a trip car and they went on a trip to Hawaii. They had fun there at Hawaii. And then they went to mexico.  And they had fun. and they did lots of stuff in mexico. Like mexico flowers and mexico butterflies. And they speak Spanish in mexico. And then they went back home and then two weeks later they went on a nother trip. And the trip was to  united states. (you can stop writing now and drink your coffee momma). I didn’t meant to say that on there. Whoa that is so funny. And they went to another island. And one and I and umm And this is the immistrator mommy the immlatstrator. And they had lots and lots of fun. And then they went back home. And then two weeks later they went to China. And then they went to Philipines. No mommy that’s Puh Illiipines. And that is the end of the story.

Immastrator Mom & Teller story person Ryan


Feliz Navidad


Merry Christmas to our friends in Canada, the US and Mexico. Where is that cherished personalized Christmas card with the cute family photos you ask? 
Full confession. It’s December 15. There is a very low probability of me pulling off a handwritten card this year. Who am I kidding, I haven’t handwritten Christmas cards in ages. Oh, and I have an even better excuse, which I now use for all things requiring explanation; we are practicing for our move to Mexico, the land of highly efficient and prompt service. Your card will arrive mañana.

The transition from the white icy Land of the Snow to the hot humid Land of the Sun is in full gear. By this time next year I expect to be slightly less pale and slightly more fluent. Which will not be hard given today’s condition. The kids on the other hand will be opening their Spanish tutoring school and will be running a small popsicle stand, hopefully with paychecks.

For those of you who haven’t already heard our news through the grapevine, the web or the police blotter, Kary and I have come to the realization that now would be the right time to shift gears and to take a few years to work in a new field.   Last year we were introduced to a grassroots non-profit called C-Quest, a small group of Calgarians establishing roots in the Yucatan (the safest state in Mexico) and hosting short term missions and aid teams to help people in need. We did our due diligence (you know Kary) and the rest is history. They say life is short and that we don’t know how much time we have. By the end of our scouting trip to the Merida/Progreso area, we decided to go all in.  So long oil and gas jobs, hello mission field.  My grandfather would have said “OLE!” after that part. He said ole in many French speaking venues which was really funny.

In a nutshell, we are partnering with local Mexican organizations to compassionately meet people in their area of greatest need.  We are asking teams to come down to help us with a number of projects ranging from mini-home makeovers, building a youth drop in center, leading programs, and generally putting smiles on kids’ faces. The Yucatan suffers from the highest rate of teen suicide in the country. We do not begin to understand the complexity of such a tragic statistic, but suffice to say, we feel called to do something about it if we can. If this kind of experience is tugging at your heart, you can come too. So can your kids, grandkids, co-workers, sisters and brothers. Any kind of support (time, financial, door opening, services in kind, attending a fundraiser) will be graciously accepted. It is often said that the mistake that charities so often make is not asking for help, so I’ll put it out there for you to consider.

In the meantime, we hope you will accept our offer to stay in touch through our blog and the C-Quest website and newsletter.  Rachel, Ryan and Jacqueline will be regular contributors and would love to have as many blogpals as they can. The popsicle stand will be open for business whenever you are in the neighborhood and as they say in Mexico, mi casa es su casa so please come for a visit. It might just change your life too.

Que Dios los bendiga a mis amigos y feliz navidad de Canadá.


Darcy & Kary

Rachel says hola


Hola. And welcome to the Cuthill Family Blog. We are glad you joined us for what will be a big adventure. We hope this blog is fun for you and your family to read. My brother is 5 years old and my sister is 3 I am 8.


Our parents names are Darcy and Kary. We have three kids, Jacqueline, Ryan and rachel.  This is Rachel writing today. I am in second grade. We are going to move  to mexico next sumr. Are  family is very excited to go to mexico. Because I heard there are the best popsicles in mexico. It is very hot. My parents flyd to mexico but I haven’t gone yet but I am very excited to go to mexico and my brother and sister are to.

My family is  staying in mexico for 3 years.